left alone!!

U know what i love to be around people
n now i love to be in darkness.

u know what i like chocolates n cakes
n now i like to have green teas

u know what i like to listen soft sngs
n now i hate listening songs

u know what i used to like bears cute n adorable
n now i hate them

u know what i like to get ready
n now it makes irritating

u know what i had make me feel like a princess
n now i dont want any one around me

n now i just want to be left alone

a perfect doll!!!!!!!!! (Urdu poetry)

main gudya hote….
na hasti, na roti,
na in ankhun main tere nam k sapne boti,
ye pagal dil na hota……

mere bejan badan main…..
baste ho tm jis ki dhadkan dhadkan main,
na sanjhe saware tujh ko socha karti,
hajr e same na tukh ko roka karti
kash main bhe kbhe tuhse dhoka karti
…………………… phr dhoka karti.
jo tum chahte karte, inkar kbhe na hota,
phr is gudya ko pyar kbhe na hota……
mere dil main dhadkan ban kar rahne wale,
mujh ko gudya se kahne wale………
kash!!!!!!!!!!!!!! main gudya hote……………


No one can hear my crys
no one can see my tears
As i m walking in the rain
I m avoiding being noticed
No one can discriminate me,
i see my ………… that is full of ecstasy
when i look at myself is my present
which is so insignificant
& when i look ahead
I see my future which is lost

only you!!!!!!!!!!!

28th September was the date
when u left me away
i had to part with you
as there was no other way.
I was the image of gloominess,
but life is not always the same
I loved u from the depth of my heart
though i wasn’t sure that if u in the same case
i can not forget the days i spent with you
& cannot forget u in anyway
i wish you a happy life
where ever you stay
where ever you remains……..


A rose has a beauty of its own,

A mysteriousness, as well,

for one can never tell for certain,

if that rose bud will blooooom,

It needs to be nourished,

&  watered with care,

as it eventually blossoms,

it fragrence is realesed

Love is like a rose bud.

Mysterious, each day being discovery.

And slowly opening as it seales up.

The nourishment of caring & sensitivity,

watered with tears.

as true love blossoms.

Race Against urself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

” Truly sucessful people nver seek to be like other.

Rather they seek to be superior to their former selves.

Don’t race against others. Race against yourself .

Just resolve to be better than who were you yesterday and extra ordinary will unfld u.”

let me tell u sumthing as i was passing my 1st yrxxx i came across alot of problems n want to achieve good grades but couldn’t get n was being frustrated then i came across the above lines & found a solution to my problems as to understand that yesterday was not up to the mark n for a better 2morrow i have to make myself up to the mark. its really a hardship.