Race Against urself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

” Truly sucessful people nver seek to be like other.

Rather they seek to be superior to their former selves.

Don’t race against others. Race against yourself .

Just resolve to be better than who were you yesterday and extra ordinary will unfld u.”

let me tell u sumthing as i was passing my 1st yrxxx i came across alot of problems n want to achieve good grades but couldn’t get n was being frustrated then i came across the above lines & found a solution to my problems as to understand that yesterday was not up to the mark n for a better 2morrow i have to make myself up to the mark. its really a hardship.


5 thoughts on “Race Against urself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. reedssss says:


  2. M. M. says:

    Inspiring. ❤

  3. anummunaf says:

    thnx rida
    nd thnk u to0

  4. majworld says:

    I never compete against the competition. The only one I compete against is myself, because one day I will beat the competition and then who will I compete against?
    ~ Billie Akauola

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