Haven’t think off! that one day u leave me……
Haven’t think off! that my own would get lost……

Haven’t think off! that there would be such a day…….
& i would be critized for all the things…….

Haven”t think off! that it would be soo difficult to get apart from him………..
& i would have fight myself, for someone else ………

Haven’t think off! that i have to keep a smile on my face……
to hide sorrows, & stay happy……

Haven’t think off! that what i had left for him……
would be sooo easy for him to leave me….

haven’t think off…. haven’t think off…..

8 thoughts on “

  1. buttercup600 says:

    Wow…how wonderful and sweet this post is…you have touched my heart!!! Thanks so much for sharing!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend x

  2. Sandra says:

    Awesome post.

  3. anummunaf says:

    thnx jingle thank u soo much

  4. Jingle says:


    I am doing this to show my appreciations to your support.
    if you accept one or two and share, then that’s a great bliss,
    no obligations…
    Happy Sunday ahead!

  5. Jingle says:


    awards are fun,
    viola lost her husband,
    I lost a general friend,
    all together,
    please visit and give love to them…

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