At 3am in the evening

Dark night, shiny stars.

no sounds, no huzzle no buzzle.

Half of the world asleep.

It was a midnight mist

Looking at the sky,

I came to know,

i’m the only one awake.

still dont want to sleep

though it was a midnight mist

Looking outside the balcony,

A single light was on,

The light bought my attention.

This light was coming from a Mosque,

though it was a midnight mist

Looking at the mosque,

realized that i m not alone.

My Allah is always with me.

Who is my Saviour & guider.

It was a midnight mist

While talking to myself,

I prayed to my Allah.

thanking for what he has given me,

& forgiveness for what i did wrong

hence it was a midnight mist

If tomorrow never comes!!!

If i knew it would be the last time that i’d see you fell asleep

I would tuck u in more tightly & pray the lord your soul to keep

If i knew it would br the last time thati’d see you walk out the door

i would give you a hug & kiss & call you back for just one more

If i knew it would be the last time i’d hear your voice lifted up in praise

i would tape each word and action & play them back throughout my days

If i knew it would be the last time, i wold spare an extra minute or two

To stop & say “i love u” instead of assuming you know i do

So just in case tomorrow never comes & today is all i get

Tomorrow is not promised to anyone, young or old alike

And today may be the last chance you get to hold your loved one tight

So if you’r waiting for tomorrow, y not do it today?

For if tomorrow never comes,  you’ll surely regret the day

That you didnt take extra time for a smile, a hug or a kiss,

And you were too busy to grant someone

what turned out to be their one last wish,

So hold your loved one close today & whisper in their ear,

That you love them very much & you’ll always hold them dear.

Take time to say “i m sorry” ” please forgive me ” “thank u ” “its ok”

and if tomorrow never comes you’ll have no regrets about today


To my dearest MOM


missing u!

come back so000nnnn!

i m nothing without you!

To someone i had loved

I had loved u!

but u never give me chance to tell u

n now u r not my part of life

n i wish that u get every happiness in life

To someone who love me

i know u love me

but i m not gonna say that to u

i knw it hurts you

but still i need some time

To a friend

i know u never meant to hurt me

but you did

n i have no hard feeling for you

but still i wanna live alone

To my sister

I know its hard for you

to live without her

but i m trying my level best to make you happy

but if i cannot i m sorry for that

n i cannot take her (mom) place any how

i wish she returns sooon

To the best dad in world

I knw that u  missing her tooo

n i know that i m not best daughter in this world

i m trying everything for you ppl

In the end to the world

i m sorry to those whom i have spoken badly n rudely

thank you for those who are ever ready to help me

thnx Shagufta, Salman, Wasif Javed (bro to me)

and for me

I have thought you with love today

but that is nothing new

i have thought you yesterday

and day before that tooo

I think of you in silence

i often speak you name

Now all i have is memories

and your picture in my heart

Your memory is my keepsake

for whom i will never get apart

u never need me

but still you are in my heart

Usse bata dena

main usse dur hokar bhe,

bht majboor hokar bhe,

dukhun se choor ho kar bhe

us ko yad karte hun,

usse bata dena

main dukh apne chupa kar bhe,

khushi k geet gaa kar bhe,

hansi honton par saja kar bhe.

usse ko yad karte hun,

usse bata dena.

duniya k ghamun ko koh kar bhe,

main dil k daag dho kar bhe,

kisi k pas hokar bhe,

ussi ko yad karte hun usse bata dena

no more words

no more lies

let it go before it dies

hear the words

hear the pain

the last if all love end in vain

sweet in start

bitter in end

heart will break never bend