Usse bata dena

main usse dur hokar bhe,

bht majboor hokar bhe,

dukhun se choor ho kar bhe

us ko yad karte hun,

usse bata dena

main dukh apne chupa kar bhe,

khushi k geet gaa kar bhe,

hansi honton par saja kar bhe.

usse ko yad karte hun,

usse bata dena.

duniya k ghamun ko koh kar bhe,

main dil k daag dho kar bhe,

kisi k pas hokar bhe,

ussi ko yad karte hun usse bata dena

no more words

no more lies

let it go before it dies

hear the words

hear the pain

the last if all love end in vain

sweet in start

bitter in end

heart will break never bend

13 thoughts on “Usse bata dena

  1. oh wow … beautiful did u write it yourself :O

  2. Agar Kabhi Meri Yaad Aaye…
    To Chand Ratoon Ki Nurm Dilgeer Roshni Mein
    Kisi Sitarey Ko Dekh Laina
    Agar Woh Nakhl-e-Falak Se Urh Kar
    Tumharey Qadmoon Mein Aa Girey To
    Yeh Jaan Laina, Woh Ista’aara Tha Mere Dil Ka
    Agar Na Aaye…
    Magar, Yeh Mumkin Hi Kis Tarah Hai
    Kay Tum Kisi Par Nigaah Dalo
    To Uss Ki Diwar-e-Jaan Na Tootey…
    Woh Apni Hasti Na Bhool Jayey…


  3. jo ghum diye wo bhulaon kese ,
    Dunia se khush ho jaon kese !
    Jo tum nahe tu kuch nahe …
    jo tum ho to mujhe khud pe hai yaqeen….
    mere sanam mere ham nawa …
    ye dia hai tum ne dard aesa …
    Bhool ker bhe na bhula paon men …..
    tumse dor kese bas jaon men !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sorry for that your post was so nice I got all poetic 🙂

  4. Ubaid says:

    Love is crap! It hurts us a lot

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