To my dearest MOM


missing u!

come back so000nnnn!

i m nothing without you!

To someone i had loved

I had loved u!

but u never give me chance to tell u

n now u r not my part of life

n i wish that u get every happiness in life

To someone who love me

i know u love me

but i m not gonna say that to u

i knw it hurts you

but still i need some time

To a friend

i know u never meant to hurt me

but you did

n i have no hard feeling for you

but still i wanna live alone

To my sister

I know its hard for you

to live without her

but i m trying my level best to make you happy

but if i cannot i m sorry for that

n i cannot take her (mom) place any how

i wish she returns sooon

To the best dad in world

I knw that u  missing her tooo

n i know that i m not best daughter in this world

i m trying everything for you ppl

In the end to the world

i m sorry to those whom i have spoken badly n rudely

thank you for those who are ever ready to help me

thnx Shagufta, Salman, Wasif Javed (bro to me)

and for me

I have thought you with love today

but that is nothing new

i have thought you yesterday

and day before that tooo

I think of you in silence

i often speak you name

Now all i have is memories

and your picture in my heart

Your memory is my keepsake

for whom i will never get apart

u never need me

but still you are in my heart