A Little Princess

There was a little princess,

Innocent eyes, smiling face.

Sweet heart of her father,

angel of her grand parents,

Highest scorer of the school

& best pal amongst friend

but all in vain

darkness entered her life

Lass, she was affraid of darkness,

but it was her fault.

Tearful eyes, unspoken words.

Rejections & disappointment faced.

Instead, A brave, strong girl.

faced the world & darkness.

She was sad & blue

Sleepless nights, unshared feelings.

Neither need words of comfort

Nor any one to help her stand again

Just living for everyone around

Not meant to hurt anyone

but got hurt by herself

her entire entity is lost

& she was lost………..

“hum nazuk nazuk dil wale”

hum nazak nazuk dil wale

kbhe hanste hain kbhe rote hain

kbhe dil main khub porate hain

kbhe mehfil mehfil phirte hain

kbhe zat main tanha hote hain

kbhe chup k mohar sajate hain

kbhe geet labon pe hote hain

kbhe sub ka dil bhilate hain

kbhe tanhai main rote hain

kbhe shab bhar jagte hain

kbhe lambi tan k sote hain

sub apne ap main rehte hain

hum kb kisi k hote hain

sub jhote rishte nate hain

hum nazuk nazuk dil wale

kuch is tarah k hote hain



Happy Birthday Dee – Part 3

You are coming from Part 1 and 2 of the series of Birthday wishes for Our Beloved Dee from Rida’s and Salman Saeed’s BLOG.

These are the wishes from 15 to 21 by this blog owner. Anum Munaf.

Wish 15: Hazaro din hain guzar gye, kuch rotay aur kuch hastay.. khushiyon ki ho is jeewan mei bahar.. raho tum hastay bastay.. Najanay kitna saath hai aur.. najanay kitne pal.. par dil se dua, yeh meri hai.. in raahon pe jab tuu chal.. Tab chahay kitnay toofaa’n hon himmat na teri kabhi tootay.. jisko bhi tuu apna samjhay.. wo kabhi na tujhse roothay.. This was my first wish for you Dee. =)

Wish 16: Remember the first time I spoke to you? It was a random chat conversation, had heard a lot about you from your bacha.. and now I realize how wonderful it is to have someone like you in our life. I wish that the people you meet never leave you, and you spend a wonderful time with time throughout your life

Wish 17: Failures are a part of life. But success has its own taste. I wish you success in every step of your life.

Wish 18: Life is the cruelest teacher. And you seem to have been in this classroom since long.. Enough lessons you might have learned already, and more are yet to learn. But I hope , and I pray, that the remaining lessons learned are not after a bucketful of regretful decisions, but just the effect of your observant nature. Life has been harsh enough, no more. =)

Wish 19: I wish you get the perrrrfect life partner, who would be there for you and would never let you fall. Ever. =)

Wish 20: I wish you spend all these moments

Wish 21: last but not the least, i will act a lil smart here, just like a genie asks for three wishes to come true, I would end this last wish wishing that all u wish for becomes reality, and you be ocntent and happy with whatever it is 🙂

A small card form my side =)

For the remaining wishes, you need to go to Shagufta Abbas’s blog.