new post

finally here after aproxxxx 25 days

long tym

i havent stayed away from everything taht much in my life

but these paper are not getting over

n guess what for the first tym in my whole life

switched off my cell by myself

there is not a single day in my life that i had lived without my celll

itxxx like my mom always says

it look like u breath with your cell phone

but people itss my cell phone

n know i need a new cell right this moment

n now i m damn serious

how will i contact my friends yar

this is really not fear


papa i need a new cellll l;(

warna main kahna nhe kahunge 😦

hello miss anum munaf dunt u remember u have promised that u will not skip a meal

what the helll

but there is no other way to blackmail him


plzzzz Allah miyan Papa ko hidayat karen mujhe naya cell la den wo bhe jo mujhe chahaye ho

plzzzzzzz Allah miyan plzzzzzzzzzzz