Fear, Regretion, Rejection

Why there is a verse that says “girls had to leave their home n will go their next home”?


i soo hate this statement..

what does it mean n why is it sooo?

Guess what after an huge era of exams when i got home

my mom said  “There is a family who wants to see me “

What the helllllll?

when everyone knows that i m studying and cannot marry before 3yrs  so……………..

why wasting my time n yours also???????

in the last there is always a silly excuse that u r daughter studying

i m really frustrated getting ready n all that 😦


fear of another rejection ;(

another regretion ;(

like its my fate when Allah ta’la will want me to get married

it will gonna happen by it own

Allah ta’la has created all these things very special so why this fusssss?

n even i know that i have to face this rejection

this is not for the first time

n every time i m soo terrified by all this

what can i do if i know that i m gonna fail ;(