No one can hear my cry

no one can see my tears

As i m walking in the rain

i am avoiding being noticed

no one can discriminate me

when i look back

i see my shadow that is full of ecatasy

when i look at myself , is my present

which is so insignificant

and when i look ahead

i see my future which is lost

17 thoughts on “lost

  1. Dua says:

    This world might be deaf N blind, it might not hear anythin, see anythin – or simply ignore what they hear N see – But you know, there is one Hasti that always see everythin, hear everythin N is all-knowing – ALLAH! put you trust in Him N Love Him, obey Him. N you’ll how content N happy you’ll be in all circumstances 🙂

  2. Kavita says:

    Aww… Take a peek at the mirror, my dear… you will see a beautiful face looking back at you… when you see the eyes of that face, you will will find your purpose, reason AND direction…
    Faith and trust can go a loooooong way…

    As for the world, it’s always good to ignore it once in a while anyway 🙂

    Take care, dear sweet girl…

  3. Roshni says:

    Thats one of my fav songs ❤

  4. Asma Khan says:

    when we are alone, when we are sad and even we are not finding our way then Allah Is always here for us… Be Happy and always smile cause it’s Sunnah 🙂
    Have Faith and Stay Blessed

  5. Shu Rin says:

    Please feel better soon! 🙂
    Thanks for commenting on my blog post, btw! Sorry it took me so long to reply!


  6. Tauqeer says:

    If you were looking for advices, people above me has already said those in an excellent way.

    Otherwise, this song is good. 🙂

  7. moving, well expressed emotions…

    love your blog, your poetry is impressive!
    Make a contribution to us today, the collection is to be closed within 24 hours.
    Thanks, we value your support. xxx

    • anummunaf says:

      actually i m available only at week ends
      i hardly have tym in week days to visit other blogs ssorrrrrry for inconvenience

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