As this was the moment

as he had to go back

for not knowing a reason

i still sat in that position

in which u had left me

when u didnt came back

i m so alone n deserted

But, when i thought of the time

and the moments, we shared

A feeling crept over me

That i wasnt alone here

As, A part from my family

I had someone in life

someone who consoles me

When ever i cried,

listen to me in my bad times

But, that someone has left me

in the darkness of life

9 thoughts on “someone

  1. Dua says:

    It’s all a part of life πŸ™‚ People come N people go, life always goes on whether we lead it with darkness around us or we get up N burn a candle πŸ˜‰ *smile*

  2. Ali Adnan says:

    I agree with dua

  3. Fashionistaa says:

    Wow! I’m amazed by your blog πŸ™‚

  4. Kavita says:

    Aahh..that sadness and loneliness so beautifully expressed, Anum… I felt this one!
    But then, those memories really help too, in a way.. don’t they? They give hope for a new possibility…

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