Princess fairy tale

I m actually my fathers princes…….. he has always treated me as a princesss n so do i love him more than this life.

there is a song which i like most of the time n soo my momm sooo hate this song n says ” begar raha hai ye tm jesi  bigrewe hue Qum ko”

so i really dunt care jis ko jo sochna hai soch

urrrgggghhhhhh what is happening to meeee i m getting a typical girl  :@ two days back i have been listening to this song n thinking about Y girls are so possesive of getting married ?????????

actually i m from a memon family where girls get married as they pass their matriculation ( scratches my head) n sooo i m a dr………..

(tongues out) as if i do care

whatever back to the story part it is basically not my story but is apart of someone else

there is r girl of my age who use to think that one day a handsome person will come on white horse n will going to take her to the other part of the world

but eventually it wasnot like the way she had  thought of  he used to talk someone a a friend, guider, helper, someone to understand, someone to care for but nevertheless while talking she fell in love with him but that person used to love someone else n never treated her like that way he has always taken her as her friend but it was a silent love who was getting silent pain slowly n gardually

and she never told that person about her feelings but readily she develops an uncurable disease she never told him about her feelings after that disease even but inside she was dying n used to love him like anything in this world n used to talk to him everyday

but a third friend created a little misunderstanding in between them and the girl lost her friend, love n guide  n someone to console her

whi is wrong in between everything the girl who lost everything? that person is still happy with someone else n never ever even tried to ask her how she is even that person never ever tried to find out the reality in all misunderstanding

n to let u knw what the girls mother died a year back n she herself is a diagnose patient of cancer 😦

to share all this i really donot mean to tell the story but all i want to tell is that how lucky we are that Allah ta’la has given us such a life govern n guide by parents with alot many friends to care for u……… but stilllllll

after all this i really had understand the meaning of this life given to me…….

but inside i m feeling miserable that i cannot do anything for her ;(

but i have promised myself to give her all the happiness she deserves in this life

urrrrrrrrggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh but ziada serious kr dya main ne is ko par i really want to do something…… anyhow……….

i m soo blessed to have my parents n meri fairy tale main srf mere parents hain jin se ziada mujhe koi azeez nhe aur jisse mere sath rehna hai usse mere parents ko bhe izzat dene hoge warna just go to hellllll

because all the males need  a female as thier better half u dont need u at all 🙂

so on a better note who ever want to have me in his life make your attitude alittle lesss 😀

n i love this song 🙂

24 thoughts on “Princess fairy tale

  1. renxkyoko says:

    That’s quite a sad and tragic story about your friend. Love either gives us such overwhelming happiness or utter despair. Such is reality. Always be a princess in your heart. I think I;ll do the same.

  2. Beautiful write-up princess 🙂
    Jazak-al-ALLAH-al-Khair for helping people around 🙂

  3. Ali Adnan says:

    “all i want to tell is that how lucky we are that Allah ta’la has given us such a life govern n guide by parents with alot many friends to care for u……… but stilllllll”

    shukar hai u have realized this .. ab is par amal bhi kar lena 🙂 and do try to pass it on to all the people (especially girls who are overly melodramatic, pessimistic in the name of over-sensitive) .. kuch aqal do un ko !!

  4. smiles, stunning post..

    wishing you the best.
    share one piece with us today, make more friends…

    bless you.

    keep writing and sharing poetry.

  5. captureuniverse says:

    All I can say is “This is life and we have millions of stories around”. Life is itself a story and we all are characters playing their part in thier story….. Life moves on!

  6. Simran says:

    Very cute post with a great message. Like your funda of living happy life 🙂
    Liked that song too papa ki pari..because I am also my dad’s princess..
    Thanks for following me..following you back 😉

  7. Kiran Ashraf says:

    beautiful writeup. It seems like kisi ny mery dill ki baat kh di : ) girls shouldnt fantasize about a knight in shinning armor cuz its really nt gonna come just choose some one who respects u and yr family. great post : )

  8. Wow lovely post dear! 🙂

  9. Sidrah says:

    ohh =(


    don’t lose hope, have faith. God bless =)

  10. Asma says:

    aww too bad and something that is worst than this awww-ing is that this post will just go down in the archives and next year we’ll all be commenting on someother post with an entirely different theme just because life moves on its cruel but its the reality/:(
    Nice post on the whole:)

  11. me a memon tooo!
    n its d same in india!….all grls r married so young! thnk God my parents r not like dat.
    baharhaal d topic in question- awwww i feel so bad for ur frn! all i can say is, i honestly think dat sumtimes its no use waitin around fr d odr person to understand u.
    i mean y dint she jus put her point fwd to him? aage jo hoega dekh lenge na. isn it better dan regrettin like dis???

    i hope she bcums alright sumhow 😦

    • anummunaf says:

      actaully the problem is that she had shown her felling na
      agar unhe pata na chalta to wo yun regret na karte na ::(
      n just pray she gets well soon 🙂

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