LOOOOOKKKK whose talking :)


time to make fulll bongiyan

main presentation k lye online ai the par presentation k ilawa sub kam hogyae

i dunt want to make that presentation

leave it 😛

let me tell u about my today’s patient u cant stop laughing 😀

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he was a big LOSERRRRRR :@

urghhhh 22yrs old male patient who doesnt even knw k wo apne parent ka beta hai ya nheeee

(Ooooppppsssss…. that was  a lame joke) par wo that to loser he 

scene went on like this i was sitting behind the patients chair n my colleague was in front of the patient 🙂 conversation wnt on like this

Q: did u ever had jaundice ?

Allah na kre kaise batain kr rhe hain

Q: ap ko kbhe joint pain hua hai

Allah na kre kaise batain kr rhe hain

Q: ap ko kbhe sans lene main problem hue hai ?

Allah na kre kaise batain kr rhe hain

Q: ap ko kbhe pait main dar hua hai ya aj kal ho?

Allah na kre kaise batain kr rhe hain

Q: blood pressure ya aesa kch?

Allah na karen kaise batatin kr rhe hain….. (long silence) par jb mujhe gusa ata hai to mera BP bht high hojta hai

Q: ap ko kesi chezz se allergy to nhe hai?

nhe nhe


Q: ap ko kbhe KHOOn chraha hai (blood transfusion)?

han chhera tha bachpan mian

Q: kitna chhera tha ?

yad nhe roken ami ko phone krta huan

( dials the phone)

han wo chhaera tha mian bht kamzor hogaya tha mujhe jaundice hogaya tha

(phone hunged up)

Q: jaundice q hua tha?

wo nhe pata roken ami ko phone krta haun 😛

my friend: nhe nhe thek hai koi bt nhe koi masla nhe hai n was rolling up n down of the stooollll 😛

opppssss these @) mins were hell torured n as always i refused to handle the patien n it was reffered to house offoicers then house offricer called me n asked kaise handle kya tha patient ko bete 😛

anyway that whole fun made my day:P 😀

and a last request plzzzzzz everyone do pray for me

mera result araha hai plllllllllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzz