Fade Away

With every year passing

let this year passed away

An year of warrant

An year of insanity

With every month passing

let this month fade away

A month of regret

A month of restlessness

With every day passing

let this day fade away

A day of scarsm

A day of Bluntnesss

With every hour passing

let this hour fade away

An hour of astonishment

An hour of grief

With every minute passing

Let this minute fade away

A minut of mistake

A minute of guilt

With every second passing

let this second fade away

A second of frustrations

A second of angerness

With every moment passing

let this moment fade away

A moment to praise

A moment to honour

With every life passing

let this life fade  away

A life of being agreeable

A life of dis couragement

Let this life fade away

Let this life fade awaay