Adhori se hai zindagi

adhore hain hum,

 bujh rhe hain saanse

jaal rhe hain hum,

badalte massomun ne

sikhaya hai bht kuch,


Pane ke hasrat main sab

kch koh rhe hain hum,

na maloom manzalon par

qadam rok se gaye hain,

Bheer main raston ki taraf

barh rhe hain hum,

Toot kar bikhre hain

khuwab kuch is tarah,


Ik arsa huwa un ko

chun rhe hain hum,

Wafa ke hum ne un se

ya ke bawafai,

bus us ki saza

bhugat rhe hain hum

Count down begins 10

10. The ultimate dream of becoming something:

i knw that everyone reading this would consider me wrong for what i have been doing since past few days but seriously the dream of becoming something is superimposed. It is because it doesn’t makes me further happy or might say that i have lost the passion behind it. but since i cannot leave anything have way in between…………..

lets end up here there are many things that need to be tamed out but let this countdown begin to end up something very soon 🙂


countdowns begins

hectic dayssssss……. hectic summmmmmmmmmmerrrrrrrr

it looks like countdown has begin to reach its destination

but srsly i dunt even knw what i m up to?????

where i m???

n when i m going to end?

but this is not like i m upset or something else it is because of my mind that fluctuates………….

even though the last few days i was so happy like helllllllllllllll i dunt knw why?

but it looks like that something has begin which gonna end somehow

i m so messed up 🙂


aur maze ke bt ye hai k  i m still not worried 🙂

n i was making my presentation n as always i m here to take everything out of me 🙂

to cope up with this world 🙂

do pray for me everyone

my result is not out tilll yet

keep on praying everyone

i love u all bye good night

Allah hafiz

For happiness of U

for happiness of u

let this happen

i m happy for everyone

because everyother person is happy

for happiness of u

let this happen

i m going to go far away from u

that is what u always wanted

for happinesss of u

let this happen

u want to see me happy

even without u

for happiness of u

let this happen

me heart is somewhere

my breaths are taking me somewhere else

for happiness of u

let this happen

i m still there

w8ing for u there

for happiness of u

let this happen

my own destiny is lost

lost in between everything

for happiness of u

let this happen

i cannot write another story again

my all leading paths were always wrong

for happiness of u

let this happen

i m angry with myself

i m displeased with mu self

for happiness of u

let this happen

what was my fault in between

that i had to live without u

for happiness of u

let this happen

how cruel are u

giving me such a big punishment

for happiness of u

let this happen

blah! blah! blah!

it looks like i have forgotten alll

but srsly it is not ike that

but i m surronded  by so many creepy peoples around me ……………. which freaks me out like helll……… urrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh

n guesss what i m having my third years midterm from 7th june n still didnt had my 2nd yrs result

urrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh so i hate this creeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepy karachi university helllllllllllll koi shedule he nhe hai ye kiya bt hote hai ;(

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee………………… this is a mad caow like many other mad people n what i do with them is ***** tongues out*****

n more to this post i dislike a friend of mt own she is hell creepy but i cannot do anything………… anyways **** tongues out***** GET Lost

and guess what another creepy things theses days whenever i use much of my laptop or watch tv or either txt msgs or study my books my eye burns like helllllllllllll i dunt knw why 😦

i love a song but i dunt knw y this is not getting uploaded from the movie GAME

main ne ye kb socha tha hoga yun kbhe

jo tm yun mile

dil jitna khush hai utna harain bhe

i m for u

i m falling in love with u

khaubon ka hai ye jahan

nazron ke dhoop hai

chand sa roop hai

tum ho jahan main hun wahan

dil se jo dil mila

mujhe sahil mila

hum jo mil gaye

to phr yun hua

k hai nikhri hur dur tk ye fiza

hum jo mil gaye

to phr yun hua

k hai mehke hue

gungunate hawa

yuhe rahe kash ab ye sama


i m for u

i m falling in love with u

enough of this blah blah

plz everyone pray for my parents that they get well soon 🙂 plzzzzzzzzzzz aur mere result ke bhe 🙂

bye bye good night tc