countdowns begins

hectic dayssssss……. hectic summmmmmmmmmmerrrrrrrr

it looks like countdown has begin to reach its destination

but srsly i dunt even knw what i m up to?????

where i m???

n when i m going to end?

but this is not like i m upset or something else it is because of my mind that fluctuates………….

even though the last few days i was so happy like helllllllllllllll i dunt knw why?

but it looks like that something has begin which gonna end somehow

i m so messed up 🙂


aur maze ke bt ye hai k  i m still not worried 🙂

n i was making my presentation n as always i m here to take everything out of me 🙂

to cope up with this world 🙂

do pray for me everyone

my result is not out tilll yet

keep on praying everyone

i love u all bye good night

Allah hafiz