My 21yrs Of life :)

My 21 yrs of life 🙂


but here i m sharing something that is

My 21 yrs of life with 21 lessons of life 🙂

Lesson no 1:

until n unless u r a kid u dont like to be pampered but as u grow up u realize that u were more happy when u were a kid.

Lesson no 2:

people are least bother to be kind enough because everyone is busy in their other perspectives.

Lesson no 3:

This world is full of creepy people. STOP bothering about them.

Lesson no 4:

Mind ur own businessss 🙂

Lesson no 5:

Do not hover 😉

Lesson no 6:
Donot panic

Lesson no 7:

Start being realistic because there in no fantasy in this world 🙂

Lesson no 8:

when u find ur self exhausted with the world GO TO SLEEP 😛 😀

Lesson no 9:

Realize ur self this world needs u. BE OPTIMISTIC N BE POSITIVE 😛 ( i m not talking about blood group everyone :D)

Lesson no 10:

Stop expecting.. u will only get hurt 🙂

Lesson no11:

Mistakes are to learn lessons from them…………….. so no useof being depressed along 😦

Lesson no 12:

Wait n be modest. because everything is gonna happen at its right time 🙂

Lesson no 13:

U r here to only spend ur life peacefully n sound fully with ur Obligations towards ALmight Allah…………. this is the only reason y u r here 🙂

Lesson no 14:

Hope makes u towards what u r not 🙂

Lesson no 15:

Behind every failure there is anything better for u 🙂

Lesson no 16:

Memories make u happy so forget about the bad ones 🙂

Lesson no 17:

whenever u feel like i have lost everything……………. make ur way towards Allah ta’la

Lesson no 18:

This life is precious…….. so stop fooling around u wont get it again 🙂

Lesson no 19:

Be patient………….

Lesson no 20:

stop making so many mistakes because u haven’t got n eraser to make it correct again 🙂

Lesson no 21:

whenever u feel like u cannot handle, u cannot deal, u r tired, take a deep breathe n think where u were wrong

Last thing

handle this life calmly n peacefully 🙂

some awesome Quotes to share with u all

Look at life through the windshield, not the rear-view mirror

Don’t worry about life, you’re not going to survive it anyway.

Memory is a way of holding on to the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose.