shallow world

aey rah-e-kadam zara dekh k chal

yeh duniya khokli duniya hai

U knw what? we live in a  shallow world…. where everyone stand for themselves. Not for others.

n the most amazing thing there is  a whole huge crowd of useless, heartless, undignified, frustrated seems to be Roberts living for them selves to earn  for themselves n earn them on their own self……….

should u all be considered as Muslims :@

14 thoughts on “shallow world

  1. simran kaur says:

    The feeling of individualism priorities superiority and ego is the reason behind all these. So thoughtless, so mean this world seems ! Where that eternity of love lost?
    No more kindness could be expected from this shallow world! But still I believe there is someone who’s eternity of love ever-lasts forever for everyone ! 🙂

    Nice post dear!
    Keep posting such lovely posts!
    Take care and keep Smiling

  2. Fahad naeem says:

    Insan ban jao =\ agar duniya careless haii to tum b ban jao =]

  3. Well i think it ain’t necessary that you live for others. A man earn for himself not for others. It is his right that he keep enjoying his money. If he invest in other people, that will make him a more good man.

  4. Kiran Ashraf says:

    I have passed on an award to u. Go check out my blog 🙂

  5. Kiran Ashraf says:

    have passed on an award to u. Go check out my blog

  6. Sidrah says:

    very true! =| we humans are selfish!

  7. Maroof A says:

    I agree with you, but, then again, we too, are a part of such a world.. I believe that somewhere deep down there’s a shallow being lurking deep inside each and every one of us. Only complete harmony between a person’s mind, soul and body might help him/her overcome it, but, no one’s capable of achieving such a feat. To be able to do so – one should be able to defeat his/her desires and to defeat desires you should be strong enough to negate your own-self for others, and not many of us can do that and that’s the tragedy with humanity, in today’s world.

  8. skyjone says:

    I agree with you

  9. Aasiyah says:

    the question: should you all be considered Muslims?

    maybe yes. maybe no.
    Allah knows what’s in our heart.

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