Some lines from past

I wonder… If he still loves me?

or in some days i would be only past for him

I wonder… IF he still misses me?

Or he is got busy with his own life?

I wonder… If still i m the one he’s dreaming of?

or new fantasies has been set up by him?

I wonder… If still he thinks of me before closing his eyes to get sleep?

Or i m worth something that can be replaced?

I wonder… If still i have his heart to help me survive?

or the one beating in me is just a small piece of it bearing all the love for him?

I keep and keep wondering…  But i get no answer…

I wonder… If still his curiosity of solving me is same?

Or i exist no more in this big big world of his?


Tired of being called careless every time

I’m here in this life to be valued.

Accept me as i m, Don’t change me please.

I too won’t demand any changes in u.

Broken, hurt, afraid and lost,

I dunt need more words to define what is true;

Love me or hate me but please dunt leave me ;

I’ll n always forever will admire u.

I don’t want things to get messed up,

nor i want them to be same as they are.

It’s difficult to cross all the hurdles;

n so i dunt want to be considered wrong again

Please accept me as I’m don’t change me please………….

BACK Again

After few months i realized that i had forgotten something…………… that is too write

i was profound of writing n was so keen to update my blog everyday

lets do it again 🙂

to those who missed me

I Missed u tooo

to those who want to knw why i wasn’t writting

so i was really busy :s

Sorry everyone

Will update u with  anew post soon 🙂