Tired of being called careless every time

I’m here in this life to be valued.

Accept me as i m, Don’t change me please.

I too won’t demand any changes in u.

Broken, hurt, afraid and lost,

I dunt need more words to define what is true;

Love me or hate me but please dunt leave me ;

I’ll n always forever will admire u.

I don’t want things to get messed up,

nor i want them to be same as they are.

It’s difficult to cross all the hurdles;

n so i dunt want to be considered wrong again

Please accept me as I’m don’t change me please………….

4 thoughts on “ME

  1. So you are taking yourself aside for someone to takeover you. If someone takes you over, you have to be like what he ir she wants. It is rare what is your thinking. 🙂

  2. I really hope everything is really fine on your side… and hopefully nothing will be changed IA.

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