Bongi While Studying :P

while 3am in the night…. i was studying medicine…… Mr.Davidson jin ko un ke wife ne ghar se bhar nikal diya aur unhune hum jese students k lye itne moti book likhi…..

Plz everyone dunt dare to open it…. (Warna schi pagal kahane jama hna parega)

while i was studying medicine i wrote a shair on my note book:

Jesa bhe hun main subject tera hoon

main aj tujh se sach kch kah raha hun

K mere bin pass hna dushwar hai

aur mere he hath tera mustaqbil hai

πŸ˜› srsly at midnight i was going crazy bcoz of Mr. Davidons (khd to chale gaye medicine chor gaye )

n now i have got a paper on monday of Periodontology aur us ke book to medicine se bhe moti hai aur mujhse uthte bhe nhe.

n now that book is singing a song for me nahe parha tune mujhe pora sal ab kiya hoga bacho tera hal πŸ˜›

n now i have got papers to plzzz people do pray for me plzzzzzzz

PLejjjjjjjjjjjj dua karen k main achey achey num se pas hojaun

aur wo jo ganda wala board hai na meri uni main jis par ache ache students ka nam likha jata hai wahan mera bhe ajaye :S

plejjjjjjjjjj dua kijyega

14 thoughts on “Bongi While Studying :P

  1. simranakaur says:

    Wish you all the best πŸ™‚

  2. MD says:

    Lol.. Tht ws funny. But try reading Davidson AND PJ.
    Blissfully these days are over at least for me.

    Hope u did well…

  3. best wishes… for the past days and the future as well πŸ˜›

  4. Ali Adnan says:

    bongia maarna band karo aur kuch parh lo ab miss anum munaf
    p.s: Best of luck and lots of prayers for you exams πŸ™‚

  5. Cpr KIts… extremely fantastic read you know alot about this subject i see!…

  6. Fahad Naeem says:

    I’m scared itne moti books daikh kar πŸ˜› Best of luck anum ! =]

  7. Haris Ghole says:

    I like this post. Already looking forward to studying Davidson’s… Heh….

    Besta Luck…

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