When nothing comes in mind

Hope erodes, Life corrodes.

Worries come in droves,

And happiness in codes.

It’s like a bald, wishing a bad hair day.

And the world just poses.

Along, came you and it all

turned into ashes.

sometimes in small and

at times in large doses.

Hard times don’t lasts forever,

Bloom on summer and

River that flows forever.

10 thoughts on “When nothing comes in mind

  1. ❤ The rhyme. & your freestyle.

  2. Ali Adnan says:

    thats a really nice one 😀

    .. aur is baar main bass dil rakhnay k liye nhi keh raha 😛

  3. Dev!l says:

    Hard times don’t last forever true but they certainly make it look like it lol 😛 anyhow nice

  4. captureuniverse says:

    You are improving…

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