A crack in forever

Give of yourself to those in need

a hand held,

a back washed,

a laugh sharerd

Give what is precious:

Your time,

Your Compassion,

Your strength,

For giving is the slave that heals humankind,

the caulk that seals the crack.


It is a extract from a book which i have read these days and so i like this statement.

Since few days i m unable to write.. anything i want to write i dunt knw y?

since few days i m ill like hell

i dunt feel like studying

i dunt feel like doing anything.

After all it is just my final year, Plz Allah ta’la help me out in figuring it out


Anum Mohammad Munaf


5 thoughts on “A crack in forever

  1. Asma Khan says:

    Nice sharing… 🙂
    Visit my blog–> Stay Blessed

  2. May be you’re lacking some serious motivation? — You should try something that motivates you (Well, what motivates me is Food, Games, Chocolates. It might not work for you). Do something that you really like to do and VOILA you’ll suddenly feel good again.

    oh and I like those lines from that book. 🙂

  3. Asma says:

    nice:) well i hope u do get motivated soon. what are you majoring in?/

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