i’m the kinda girl who is ‘one of the guys’
the one who is always there for everyone
else when they need it. the one who puts
others before herself. i’m the kinda girl
who would rather be in sweats, big tee’s
and no make up at school, but dresses
up because its what people expect of her.
i’m the kinda girl, who regrets little things
from the past, like not joining a sports team.
i’m the kinda girl who loves her sports, but
also loves getting dressed all fancy and
acting like a princess. i’m the kinda girl who
everyone knows her name, but nobody takes
the time to know her. the one everyone sees
walking with her one best friend and they
all just stare. i’m the kinda girl who can be
hurt, but will take time to make someone else
happy, even though she cant make herself.
i’m the kinda girl who acts all tough, but is
really not as tough as you think. the girl
that jokes around, but sometimes likes to
be serious. the kinda girl who acts like things
dont bug her or hurt her, just so people dont think
they are actually bothering her. the kinda girl who
can take so much pain, and bottles it all up inside her.
i’m the quiet one of my girl friends, but with my guy
friends i’m the loud one. i’m the girl that is afraid of
rejection and denial, but yet risks so much.
the kinda girl that you wouldnt realize what goes on
at home, because at school she has a smile on her
face. i’m the kinda girl who just wishes some
things would change. the one that wants something
different and new. and is sick of bulls**t.

(P.S. copied from somewhere….¬†somehow¬†describes me )