Aee kash

ae kash, aesa na hota

hum kbhe barey na hotey,

wo bachpan bht pyara tha,

wo nazuk, masoom dil bht pyara tha,

jb hum khol kr muskurate the.

Aee kash, aesa no hota

hum kbhe barey na hote ,

na kisi ko hum se shikayat hote,

na koi hum se  kbhe khafa hota

sb bacha smjh kr maf krdete.

Aee kash, aesa no hota ,

wo ami ka anchal bht pyara tha,

wo khauwb bht pyare the,

jinhe dekhte the aur tutne ka khof na hota tha,

wo wkt bhe guzar gaya .

Aee kash, aesa na hota .

hum kbhe barey an hote.

As if I have never grown up

As sunday has passed

An important why I m adding sunday coz its only sunday when i read the newspaper.

n so when I was a kid I use to read young world magazine.

so at that moment of time that as if I would never had grown up

itxxxxx coz many reasons y I always refuse to be a grown up for example

1. when I was a kid I always found myself near to my mom

2. I was always being pampered all the time

3. used to do all little mischiefs

4. My grand mother make me eat food with her own hand ( I SOOO REALLY MISS HER)

5. I still remember my mamo always tell me that when I was born he has bunked his school. (I still love this statement)

6. I was the eldest, only grand daughter. ( before rida was not born :P)

7. my grand father always wake up for me early in the morning to leave me where my school bus comes n u know what I n my grandfather used to feed pigeons after fajr ( I love him n really misses him)

8. when my father scolds my grandfather always scold him n I used to hide after him. ( I miss those days )

9. my elder mamo was studying in Russia he always used to bring stuff for me…………. I still remember he has bought me a pink dress it was so warm n so comforting.

10. my father used to take me to parks every weekend n we had dinner.

11. I used to play a lot with my friends.

12. my uncle who is younger than my dad……….. every sunday he brings me a lot of snacks to eat n I used to call these snacks as “apas ki baat”

13. I was sooo cute everyone used to call me “Chinese” 😛

14. when I was kid my mom always sleeps with me coz I usually wakes up I midnight n usually terrified.

there are a lot more things but problem is ‘k agar yahan likhunge to ye pages khtm hojainge par ye post nhe “


I sill love my grand parent they had left me but I do still miss them

these are the reason

for which I love to be as I have never grown up

kash aesa hosakta k main kbhe bari hote he na

hamsesha choti he rahte

na mujhe koi dantta na koi mujhse naraz hota

n have a look at my childhood pic