For happiness of U

for happiness of u

let this happen

i m happy for everyone

because everyother person is happy

for happiness of u

let this happen

i m going to go far away from u

that is what u always wanted

for happinesss of u

let this happen

u want to see me happy

even without u

for happiness of u

let this happen

me heart is somewhere

my breaths are taking me somewhere else

for happiness of u

let this happen

i m still there

w8ing for u there

for happiness of u

let this happen

my own destiny is lost

lost in between everything

for happiness of u

let this happen

i cannot write another story again

my all leading paths were always wrong

for happiness of u

let this happen

i m angry with myself

i m displeased with mu self

for happiness of u

let this happen

what was my fault in between

that i had to live without u

for happiness of u

let this happen

how cruel are u

giving me such a big punishment

for happiness of u

let this happen

1st day of 3rd yr & 1st day in OPD

I m a girl who doesn’t know how to check the thermometer 😦

donot laugh

i m not kidding at all 🙂

its truth so i m in OPD  & dont even know how to use the thermometer

( in my words thermometer to mujhe dekh kar he mujhse dur bhag jaiga )As i entered the OPD there were alot of house officers who himself dont knw what to do 😛

(donot met me again warna wo karunge k OPD ka mtlb bhe bhul jaoge :@)

they told us to visit the patient start taking hisory

1st day we donot know n they were teasing us (nanhe munne bachun ko sata rahe the )

we called the teacher who was absent and staffff urghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i soo hate u all

then a teacher appeared who guided us how to deal with a patient

n she told us to take the history

(imagine bechara patient jis ke main ne history le hoge aesa sub k dimag main khayal araha hoga par aesa hua nhe mujhe bhe ata hai ok)

before attending the patient i was saying my friend pllllzzzzzzz Allah ta’la aesa patient ho jis ko koi disease he na ho

& my friend said anum beta agar usse kch hoga nhe to wo us OPD main Q ayega

my 1st patient was having tuberculosis 9yrs before and was treated:)

but he was having fever since last 3 days due to some viral infection

n after returning from hospital i was almost praying for him that he might get well sooon 🙂

n going towards university our van driver crazy person who thinks that this is not his van but an airplane……………………… n here i end my post 🙂

n guess what the next day when i entered the OPd when the same patient was discharged 🙂

If tomorrow never comes!!!

If i knew it would be the last time that i’d see you fell asleep

I would tuck u in more tightly & pray the lord your soul to keep

If i knew it would br the last time thati’d see you walk out the door

i would give you a hug & kiss & call you back for just one more

If i knew it would be the last time i’d hear your voice lifted up in praise

i would tape each word and action & play them back throughout my days

If i knew it would be the last time, i wold spare an extra minute or two

To stop & say “i love u” instead of assuming you know i do

So just in case tomorrow never comes & today is all i get

Tomorrow is not promised to anyone, young or old alike

And today may be the last chance you get to hold your loved one tight

So if you’r waiting for tomorrow, y not do it today?

For if tomorrow never comes,  you’ll surely regret the day

That you didnt take extra time for a smile, a hug or a kiss,

And you were too busy to grant someone

what turned out to be their one last wish,

So hold your loved one close today & whisper in their ear,

That you love them very much & you’ll always hold them dear.

Take time to say “i m sorry” ” please forgive me ” “thank u ” “its ok”

and if tomorrow never comes you’ll have no regrets about today

Haven’t think off! that one day u leave me……
Haven’t think off! that my own would get lost……

Haven’t think off! that there would be such a day…….
& i would be critized for all the things…….

Haven”t think off! that it would be soo difficult to get apart from him………..
& i would have fight myself, for someone else ………

Haven’t think off! that i have to keep a smile on my face……
to hide sorrows, & stay happy……

Haven’t think off! that what i had left for him……
would be sooo easy for him to leave me….

haven’t think off…. haven’t think off…..