Aee kash

ae kash, aesa na hota

hum kbhe barey na hotey,

wo bachpan bht pyara tha,

wo nazuk, masoom dil bht pyara tha,

jb hum khol kr muskurate the.

Aee kash, aesa no hota

hum kbhe barey na hote ,

na kisi ko hum se shikayat hote,

na koi hum se  kbhe khafa hota

sb bacha smjh kr maf krdete.

Aee kash, aesa no hota ,

wo ami ka anchal bht pyara tha,

wo khauwb bht pyare the,

jinhe dekhte the aur tutne ka khof na hota tha,

wo wkt bhe guzar gaya .

Aee kash, aesa na hota .

hum kbhe barey an hote.

Rubbles and Casualties

Rubbles and casualties,

sorry and apologies

Dreadful mistakes

evacuation and protest

will never gonna end

fear, anger and hatred,

grief, misery and sorrows



will always going to hurt.

Another Rejection

Another rejection, another regretion.

But this time i’ll not let me defeat

but this time i’ll not let me compromise

For this time and for every time.

I will take u as a chalenge

Either i win or i lose.

I will not let u impose on me

Another rejection, another regretion.

U make me impede to a better conclusion,

U make me feel miserable for myself.

This time n for every time.

I will make myself self-assertive,

Wether i’ll be considered right or wrong,

I’ll not let u to malfunctioning.

Another rejection, Another Regretion.

i will not chase u anymore

I will not even explode every day

For this time and every time

I will strengthen myself to face u

Either ways i have to face u

I will be happy anyways 🙂

shallow world

aey rah-e-kadam zara dekh k chal

yeh duniya khokli duniya hai

U knw what? we live in a  shallow world…. where everyone stand for themselves. Not for others.

n the most amazing thing there is  a whole huge crowd of useless, heartless, undignified, frustrated seems to be Roberts living for them selves to earn  for themselves n earn them on their own self……….

should u all be considered as Muslims :@