Tired of being called careless every time

I’m here in this life to be valued.

Accept me as i m, Don’t change me please.

I too won’t demand any changes in u.

Broken, hurt, afraid and lost,

I dunt need more words to define what is true;

Love me or hate me but please dunt leave me ;

I’ll n always forever will admire u.

I don’t want things to get messed up,

nor i want them to be same as they are.

It’s difficult to cross all the hurdles;

n so i dunt want to be considered wrong again

Please accept me as I’m don’t change me please………….

shallow world

aey rah-e-kadam zara dekh k chal

yeh duniya khokli duniya hai

U knw what? we live in a  shallow world…. where everyone stand for themselves. Not for others.

n the most amazing thing there is  a whole huge crowd of useless, heartless, undignified, frustrated seems to be Roberts living for them selves to earn  for themselves n earn them on their own self……….

should u all be considered as Muslims :@

bikhar jati hun

umr ki sari thakkan ladd k ghar jati hun

raat bistar py main soti nhe marr jati hun

aksar aookat, bharay shehar k sannaty main

is qadar zor si hansti hun k dar jati hun

mery anay ke khabar sirf diya rakhta hai

main hawoon ki tarah aa kar guzar jate un

dil thehar jata hai bhooli hui manzil main kahin

main kisi dosre raste se guzar jate hun

simte rehte hun khd main bht main

char diwari main ate he bukahr jait hun main

i m just a girl

i was born to be a kid

i dont knw when i became an elder son to my parents

elder to my siblings

a listener to my friends to pamper them

but all in all i m just a girl

i did learn to defeat

i did learn to face all the mishap

i learn to live up with my all unfortunates

n i lived up to be very strong, indeed

after all i m a girl

i still pretended to be courageous

i still had faced this world

i m still living after being unfavourable

n i m still calm

after all this i m a girl

Fade Away

With every year passing

let this year passed away

An year of warrant

An year of insanity

With every month passing

let this month fade away

A month of regret

A month of restlessness

With every day passing

let this day fade away

A day of scarsm

A day of Bluntnesss

With every hour passing

let this hour fade away

An hour of astonishment

An hour of grief

With every minute passing

Let this minute fade away

A minut of mistake

A minute of guilt

With every second passing

let this second fade away

A second of frustrations

A second of angerness

With every moment passing

let this moment fade away

A moment to praise

A moment to honour

With every life passing

let this life fade  away

A life of being agreeable

A life of dis couragement

Let this life fade away

Let this life fade awaay


Ek chote se baat ka bhe afsana bana

ek chote se bt ka bhe tamasha bana

ye zindagi ke hain uljhanen

jo har apna paraya bana


ek rat the the andhere ae ghire hue

ek rat the khamoshe se bhair hue

ye zindagi ke hain uljhanen

jo har galte ek  saza hue


koi khafa hua hum se kuch is tarah

koi naraz hua hum se kuch is tarah

ye zndagi ke hain uljhanen

jo har bar hum phr manate rahe


kch khamoshi ke dastan hue

kch chahton k khuwab likhe

ye zindagi ke hain uljhanen

jo har kahani apna ekhtatm par phunche


kch Qasmain tore gayen

kch wade tore gaye

ye zinadgi ke hain uljhanen

jo wo wade kbhe intezar main toot kar na bane


kch sanhe ankhun ko naam kar gaye

kch waqye dil ko gham kar gaye

ye zindagi ke hain uljhanen

jo har pal muskarate rahe


kch khuwab bikhre hue

kch khuwab tute hue

ye zindagi ke hain uljhanen

jo har rat hum jag kar sogaye


jo kbhe na khul kar ro sake

jo kbhe na khul kar hans sake

ye zindagi ke hain uljhanne

jo har khushi manate rahe


ye zindagi ek naimait hai

aur mout barhaq hai

ye zindagi ke hain uljhanen

ye zindage ke hain uljhanen


n here is the english version

A little part of chat resulted in a fiction

A little part of chat resulted in a spectacle

they are life’s intricacies

that every relation started becoming into stange


A night surrounded by intense darkness

A night surrounded by intense silence

they are life’s intricacies

that every mistake become a punishment


some one got displeased that way

some one got angry that way

they are life’s intricacies

n so still pleasing by any means


certain stories of intense silence

certain delusions of being beloved

they are life’s intricacies

that every tale reached its conclusions


some oaths were broken

some promises were broken

they are life’s intricacies

those promises were never formed anyways


some incidents left tears in eyes

some events left miseries in heart

they are life’s intricacies

still remains a smiling face


some dreams ere shattered

some dreams were lost

they are life’s intricacies

instead slept every night


Rarely was able to smile freely

rarely was able to cry freely

they are life’s intricacies

still bewildering celebrating every occacsion


this life is a blessing

and death is a definite ending

they are life’s intricacies


to a better note lets hear this song n another song 🙂

n the amazing thing is that it should be anum instead of aisha in this song 😛 😀 🙂

to u !!!!!

the least think i want to tell u is

“i myself know that u can never be mine…… but u r always mine n i really dont want to lose u that way u were always there as my hope the moment when i feel alone, my anxiety which always relieves my doubt, my certainty during my unusual periods of faith and hinders me that someone is still with me who is worried for me who misses me when i m not there who is always beside me to guide me but…………… i knew that even before that v r just friend and willl always be friend if i m far apart………………….



As this was the moment

as he had to go back

for not knowing a reason

i still sat in that position

in which u had left me

when u didnt came back

i m so alone n deserted

But, when i thought of the time

and the moments, we shared

A feeling crept over me

That i wasnt alone here

As, A part from my family

I had someone in life

someone who consoles me

When ever i cried,

listen to me in my bad times

But, that someone has left me

in the darkness of life


No one can hear my cry

no one can see my tears

As i m walking in the rain

i am avoiding being noticed

no one can discriminate me

when i look back

i see my shadow that is full of ecatasy

when i look at myself , is my present

which is so insignificant

and when i look ahead

i see my future which is lost

To be with you:)

whenever i close my eyes

found my self closer to you

when you hold my hand

makes me feel safer to you

the walk beside seaside

is always remember to be with you

when tears come into my eyes

i remembered ” i m there for u”

they gradually disappears

making me feel u r always there for me

started loving to be around u

i m not meant to be like this

n not even meant to forget you

whenevr i see you in my dreams

wish either to see you with me every time

or wish never to wake up

i m unable to control this feeling

n wishes to be there for you always

but but how can i love you

and wish to be apart of your life

where i donot even exist

neither in your life nor around you

but i just want to be with you

somehow to be with you