Yaadien kch is tarah mujhse khafa hain

jin yaadon k sang wo raatein then

ab wo raatien bhe mujhse khafa hain

jis rah par main nikli the

wo rah bhe mujhse khafa rahe

ek pal jo khd ko us k hamrah paya

us pal ko bhe khd se khafa paya

jo khd ko apna andar dhundna chaha

to khd apne ap ko bhe khafa paya

har ek mujhse khafa raha kuch is tarah

jo khd ko tanha paya har us jagah

Fear, Regretion, Rejection

Why there is a verse that says “girls had to leave their home n will go their next home”?


i soo hate this statement..

what does it mean n why is it sooo?

Guess what after an huge era of exams when i got home

my mom said  “There is a family who wants to see me “

What the helllllll?

when everyone knows that i m studying and cannot marry before 3yrs  so……………..

why wasting my time n yours also???????

in the last there is always a silly excuse that u r daughter studying

i m really frustrated getting ready n all that 😦


fear of another rejection ;(

another regretion ;(

like its my fate when Allah ta’la will want me to get married

it will gonna happen by it own

Allah ta’la has created all these things very special so why this fusssss?

n even i know that i have to face this rejection

this is not for the first time

n every time i m soo terrified by all this

what can i do if i know that i m gonna fail ;(


us se kahna december lot aya hai

hawaien sard aur wadian bhe dhund main ghum hain

pahroun ne barf ke shal phr se aourhi rakhi hai

sub he raste tmhare yad main por nam se lagte hain

jinhe srf e musafat tha, wo sare cards

wo perfume wo chote se diary,

wo terace, wo chai jo hum ne sath pee the

tmhare yad dilate hai,

tumhe wapus bulate hai,

usse kahna k decmber laout aya hai!


tum bhe laout ao na !!!!!!!!!

A Little Princess

There was a little princess,

Innocent eyes, smiling face.

Sweet heart of her father,

angel of her grand parents,

Highest scorer of the school

& best pal amongst friend

but all in vain

darkness entered her life

Lass, she was affraid of darkness,

but it was her fault.

Tearful eyes, unspoken words.

Rejections & disappointment faced.

Instead, A brave, strong girl.

faced the world & darkness.

She was sad & blue

Sleepless nights, unshared feelings.

Neither need words of comfort

Nor any one to help her stand again

Just living for everyone around

Not meant to hurt anyone

but got hurt by herself

her entire entity is lost

& she was lost………..

If tomorrow never comes!!!

If i knew it would be the last time that i’d see you fell asleep

I would tuck u in more tightly & pray the lord your soul to keep

If i knew it would br the last time thati’d see you walk out the door

i would give you a hug & kiss & call you back for just one more

If i knew it would be the last time i’d hear your voice lifted up in praise

i would tape each word and action & play them back throughout my days

If i knew it would be the last time, i wold spare an extra minute or two

To stop & say “i love u” instead of assuming you know i do

So just in case tomorrow never comes & today is all i get

Tomorrow is not promised to anyone, young or old alike

And today may be the last chance you get to hold your loved one tight

So if you’r waiting for tomorrow, y not do it today?

For if tomorrow never comes,  you’ll surely regret the day

That you didnt take extra time for a smile, a hug or a kiss,

And you were too busy to grant someone

what turned out to be their one last wish,

So hold your loved one close today & whisper in their ear,

That you love them very much & you’ll always hold them dear.

Take time to say “i m sorry” ” please forgive me ” “thank u ” “its ok”

and if tomorrow never comes you’ll have no regrets about today

Haven’t think off! that one day u leave me……
Haven’t think off! that my own would get lost……

Haven’t think off! that there would be such a day…….
& i would be critized for all the things…….

Haven”t think off! that it would be soo difficult to get apart from him………..
& i would have fight myself, for someone else ………

Haven’t think off! that i have to keep a smile on my face……
to hide sorrows, & stay happy……

Haven’t think off! that what i had left for him……
would be sooo easy for him to leave me….

haven’t think off…. haven’t think off…..