A crack in forever

Give of yourself to those in need

a hand held,

a back washed,

a laugh sharerd

Give what is precious:

Your time,

Your Compassion,

Your strength,

For giving is the slave that heals humankind,

the caulk that seals the crack.


It is a extract from a book which i have read these days and so i like this statement.

Since few days i m unable to write.. anything i want to write i dunt knw y?

since few days i m ill like hell

i dunt feel like studying

i dunt feel like doing anything.

After all it is just my final year, Plz Allah ta’la help me out in figuring it out


Anum Mohammad Munaf


Bongi While Studying :P

while 3am in the night…. i was studying medicine…… Mr.Davidson jin ko un ke wife ne ghar se bhar nikal diya aur unhune hum jese students k lye itne moti book likhi…..

Plz everyone dunt dare to open it…. (Warna schi pagal kahane jama hna parega)

while i was studying medicine i wrote a shair on my note book:

Jesa bhe hun main subject tera hoon

main aj tujh se sach kch kah raha hun

K mere bin pass hna dushwar hai

aur mere he hath tera mustaqbil hai

😛 srsly at midnight i was going crazy bcoz of Mr. Davidons (khd to chale gaye medicine chor gaye )

n now i have got a paper on monday of Periodontology aur us ke book to medicine se bhe moti hai aur mujhse uthte bhe nhe.

n now that book is singing a song for me nahe parha tune mujhe pora sal ab kiya hoga bacho tera hal 😛

n now i have got papers to plzzz people do pray for me plzzzzzzz

PLejjjjjjjjjjjj dua karen k main achey achey num se pas hojaun

aur wo jo ganda wala board hai na meri uni main jis par ache ache students ka nam likha jata hai wahan mera bhe ajaye :S

plejjjjjjjjjj dua kijyega

Things my way

I take certain things my way

* When i dunt want to do certain  things……….. i dont do it anyhow.

* When i m pissed………… i dont talk to anyone.

* When i m angry………  i divert my mind… but i dont get angry on others nor hurt them.

* when someone hurts me by his/her words……  i disappear silently without a word.

* When i dont want to talk……. i dont .

*When i m disturb…… i start listening to songs.

*When i cry…….. i dunt want to have anyone beside me.

* When i m happy…………. i m happy like helll.

* When i dunt want to think about certain things…. i dont

*When i have moved forward……. I dont look back.

*When i have made a certain decision ….. i dunt think about it again

*When i had to do something…… I do it anyhow.

These are things that people have to face in me 🙂

n these days i m heading towards my final exams so i need ur wishes alot more……

So DO Pray for me plzzzzzzzzzzz 🙂

Complaints of my own :P

I have got many complaints of my own because these days i m so busy with other stuff……………. i hardly had tym for my own things.

Got several of my own pending things 😦

* need to wash my cloths for the whole week n iron themmmmm ( urghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hellllllllllllll :@)

* presentationnnnnn 😦

* friday test 😦

* surgery waiting for me but i m soo afraid of anesthesia 😦

* need to stitch my cloths

* buy new shoes( but seriously for all this i need time :()

* 29th April ka test 😦 ( medicine whole renal n CVS mujhe to ye bhe nhe pata k kb parhaya itna sub :()

* respond to comments at my own blog 🙂

*  Have to meet my best friend

* A friends birthday present 😦

* ward test on friday 😦 (itne sare test kahan se agyyeeee)

this month was really so hectic 😦

Today is a lazy day

Today is a lazy day

i wonder round the bay

today is a lazy day

I sang and went away

Today is a lazy day

it is not raining all the way

Today is a lazy day

i drank my tea this way

Today is  a lazy day

What else i must say

i am agin half a sleep………………. aur phr se bongiyan marna shuru kr den hain 😛

it is better to leave now

GOOD night

Have rest

sweet dreams


i cannot sleep because i have a presentation to complete

do pray it ends welllll l:)


Ek chote se baat ka bhe afsana bana

ek chote se bt ka bhe tamasha bana

ye zindagi ke hain uljhanen

jo har apna paraya bana


ek rat the the andhere ae ghire hue

ek rat the khamoshe se bhair hue

ye zindagi ke hain uljhanen

jo har galte ek  saza hue


koi khafa hua hum se kuch is tarah

koi naraz hua hum se kuch is tarah

ye zndagi ke hain uljhanen

jo har bar hum phr manate rahe


kch khamoshi ke dastan hue

kch chahton k khuwab likhe

ye zindagi ke hain uljhanen

jo har kahani apna ekhtatm par phunche


kch Qasmain tore gayen

kch wade tore gaye

ye zinadgi ke hain uljhanen

jo wo wade kbhe intezar main toot kar na bane


kch sanhe ankhun ko naam kar gaye

kch waqye dil ko gham kar gaye

ye zindagi ke hain uljhanen

jo har pal muskarate rahe


kch khuwab bikhre hue

kch khuwab tute hue

ye zindagi ke hain uljhanen

jo har rat hum jag kar sogaye


jo kbhe na khul kar ro sake

jo kbhe na khul kar hans sake

ye zindagi ke hain uljhanne

jo har khushi manate rahe


ye zindagi ek naimait hai

aur mout barhaq hai

ye zindagi ke hain uljhanen

ye zindage ke hain uljhanen


n here is the english version

A little part of chat resulted in a fiction

A little part of chat resulted in a spectacle

they are life’s intricacies

that every relation started becoming into stange


A night surrounded by intense darkness

A night surrounded by intense silence

they are life’s intricacies

that every mistake become a punishment


some one got displeased that way

some one got angry that way

they are life’s intricacies

n so still pleasing by any means


certain stories of intense silence

certain delusions of being beloved

they are life’s intricacies

that every tale reached its conclusions


some oaths were broken

some promises were broken

they are life’s intricacies

those promises were never formed anyways


some incidents left tears in eyes

some events left miseries in heart

they are life’s intricacies

still remains a smiling face


some dreams ere shattered

some dreams were lost

they are life’s intricacies

instead slept every night


Rarely was able to smile freely

rarely was able to cry freely

they are life’s intricacies

still bewildering celebrating every occacsion


this life is a blessing

and death is a definite ending

they are life’s intricacies


to a better note lets hear this song n another song 🙂

n the amazing thing is that it should be anum instead of aisha in this song 😛 😀 🙂

kinda miss u all :(


All the gorgeous people who visit my blog

all the brothers who wish for my happiness

all those friends who help me in my worst

its hight time to start studying because i have only 2 weeks in my 2nd prof exams

so to u all Bubyeeee !!!!!!!!

n request

to plz pray for my exams k

“papers easy hun”

“Papers main bht lamba lamba gap ho”

“papers check karne wale ke ankhun par patti bandhe ho”

“papers main jo invigilator ai wo class main so raha ho”

“Papers main jo external ho wo khd bhe bhul chuka ho k us ne apni pure zindagi kya parha hai”

“aur hamare internals hum par khuda k lye zara raham kahyen”

“aur meri 2 distinction ajayen :)”

“”aur mera result bht acha ai”

AAmmmeeeennnn summmm ammeeeen