Bongi While Studying :P

while 3am in the night…. i was studying medicine…… Mr.Davidson jin ko un ke wife ne ghar se bhar nikal diya aur unhune hum jese students k lye itne moti book likhi…..

Plz everyone dunt dare to open it…. (Warna schi pagal kahane jama hna parega)

while i was studying medicine i wrote a shair on my note book:

Jesa bhe hun main subject tera hoon

main aj tujh se sach kch kah raha hun

K mere bin pass hna dushwar hai

aur mere he hath tera mustaqbil hai

😛 srsly at midnight i was going crazy bcoz of Mr. Davidons (khd to chale gaye medicine chor gaye )

n now i have got a paper on monday of Periodontology aur us ke book to medicine se bhe moti hai aur mujhse uthte bhe nhe.

n now that book is singing a song for me nahe parha tune mujhe pora sal ab kiya hoga bacho tera hal 😛

n now i have got papers to plzzz people do pray for me plzzzzzzz

PLejjjjjjjjjjjj dua karen k main achey achey num se pas hojaun

aur wo jo ganda wala board hai na meri uni main jis par ache ache students ka nam likha jata hai wahan mera bhe ajaye :S

plejjjjjjjjjj dua kijyega

Things my way

I take certain things my way

* When i dunt want to do certain  things……….. i dont do it anyhow.

* When i m pissed………… i dont talk to anyone.

* When i m angry………  i divert my mind… but i dont get angry on others nor hurt them.

* when someone hurts me by his/her words……  i disappear silently without a word.

* When i dont want to talk……. i dont .

*When i m disturb…… i start listening to songs.

*When i cry…….. i dunt want to have anyone beside me.

* When i m happy…………. i m happy like helll.

* When i dunt want to think about certain things…. i dont

*When i have moved forward……. I dont look back.

*When i have made a certain decision ….. i dunt think about it again

*When i had to do something…… I do it anyhow.

These are things that people have to face in me 🙂

n these days i m heading towards my final exams so i need ur wishes alot more……

So DO Pray for me plzzzzzzzzzzz 🙂


Adhori se hai zindagi

adhore hain hum,

 bujh rhe hain saanse

jaal rhe hain hum,

badalte massomun ne

sikhaya hai bht kuch,


Pane ke hasrat main sab

kch koh rhe hain hum,

na maloom manzalon par

qadam rok se gaye hain,

Bheer main raston ki taraf

barh rhe hain hum,

Toot kar bikhre hain

khuwab kuch is tarah,


Ik arsa huwa un ko

chun rhe hain hum,

Wafa ke hum ne un se

ya ke bawafai,

bus us ki saza

bhugat rhe hain hum

blah! blah! blah!

it looks like i have forgotten alll

but srsly it is not ike that

but i m surronded  by so many creepy peoples around me ……………. which freaks me out like helll……… urrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh

n guesss what i m having my third years midterm from 7th june n still didnt had my 2nd yrs result

urrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh so i hate this creeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepy karachi university helllllllllllll koi shedule he nhe hai ye kiya bt hote hai ;(

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee………………… this is a mad caow like many other mad people n what i do with them is ***** tongues out*****

n more to this post i dislike a friend of mt own she is hell creepy but i cannot do anything………… anyways **** tongues out***** GET Lost

and guess what another creepy things theses days whenever i use much of my laptop or watch tv or either txt msgs or study my books my eye burns like helllllllllllll i dunt knw why 😦

i love a song but i dunt knw y this is not getting uploaded from the movie GAME

main ne ye kb socha tha hoga yun kbhe

jo tm yun mile

dil jitna khush hai utna harain bhe

i m for u

i m falling in love with u

khaubon ka hai ye jahan

nazron ke dhoop hai

chand sa roop hai

tum ho jahan main hun wahan

dil se jo dil mila

mujhe sahil mila

hum jo mil gaye

to phr yun hua

k hai nikhri hur dur tk ye fiza

hum jo mil gaye

to phr yun hua

k hai mehke hue

gungunate hawa

yuhe rahe kash ab ye sama


i m for u

i m falling in love with u

enough of this blah blah

plz everyone pray for my parents that they get well soon 🙂 plzzzzzzzzzzz aur mere result ke bhe 🙂

bye bye good night tc

Complaints of my own :P

I have got many complaints of my own because these days i m so busy with other stuff……………. i hardly had tym for my own things.

Got several of my own pending things 😦

* need to wash my cloths for the whole week n iron themmmmm ( urghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hellllllllllllll :@)

* presentationnnnnn 😦

* friday test 😦

* surgery waiting for me but i m soo afraid of anesthesia 😦

* need to stitch my cloths

* buy new shoes( but seriously for all this i need time :()

* 29th April ka test 😦 ( medicine whole renal n CVS mujhe to ye bhe nhe pata k kb parhaya itna sub :()

* respond to comments at my own blog 🙂

*  Have to meet my best friend

* A friends birthday present 😦

* ward test on friday 😦 (itne sare test kahan se agyyeeee)

this month was really so hectic 😦

Today is a lazy day

Today is a lazy day

i wonder round the bay

today is a lazy day

I sang and went away

Today is a lazy day

it is not raining all the way

Today is a lazy day

i drank my tea this way

Today is  a lazy day

What else i must say

i am agin half a sleep………………. aur phr se bongiyan marna shuru kr den hain 😛

it is better to leave now

GOOD night

Have rest

sweet dreams


i cannot sleep because i have a presentation to complete

do pray it ends welllll l:)

LOOOOOKKKK whose talking :)


time to make fulll bongiyan

main presentation k lye online ai the par presentation k ilawa sub kam hogyae

i dunt want to make that presentation

leave it 😛

let me tell u about my today’s patient u cant stop laughing 😀

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he was a big LOSERRRRRR :@

urghhhh 22yrs old male patient who doesnt even knw k wo apne parent ka beta hai ya nheeee

(Ooooppppsssss…. that was  a lame joke) par wo that to loser he 

scene went on like this i was sitting behind the patients chair n my colleague was in front of the patient 🙂 conversation wnt on like this

Q: did u ever had jaundice ?

Allah na kre kaise batain kr rhe hain

Q: ap ko kbhe joint pain hua hai

Allah na kre kaise batain kr rhe hain

Q: ap ko kbhe sans lene main problem hue hai ?

Allah na kre kaise batain kr rhe hain

Q: ap ko kbhe pait main dar hua hai ya aj kal ho?

Allah na kre kaise batain kr rhe hain

Q: blood pressure ya aesa kch?

Allah na karen kaise batatin kr rhe hain….. (long silence) par jb mujhe gusa ata hai to mera BP bht high hojta hai

Q: ap ko kesi chezz se allergy to nhe hai?

nhe nhe


Q: ap ko kbhe KHOOn chraha hai (blood transfusion)?

han chhera tha bachpan mian

Q: kitna chhera tha ?

yad nhe roken ami ko phone krta huan

( dials the phone)

han wo chhaera tha mian bht kamzor hogaya tha mujhe jaundice hogaya tha

(phone hunged up)

Q: jaundice q hua tha?

wo nhe pata roken ami ko phone krta haun 😛

my friend: nhe nhe thek hai koi bt nhe koi masla nhe hai n was rolling up n down of the stooollll 😛

opppssss these @) mins were hell torured n as always i refused to handle the patien n it was reffered to house offoicers then house offricer called me n asked kaise handle kya tha patient ko bete 😛

anyway that whole fun made my day:P 😀

and a last request plzzzzzz everyone do pray for me

mera result araha hai plllllllllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzz


unlimited wierdnesss

Its just a random post.

LOoks  like i m sleepy…………..

but really not in a mood to sleeeppppp 😛 so weird i m but….. butttt…………. i have a long list of things to do……………..

can i have a chuti ( an offf) from the uni nut my Hitler Teacher unnecessarily made me the Class representative a hell pathetic job to do…………..

and guess what for that so over called bkwas ward i have to take a 20 mins drive helllllllllllllllllllllll :@

Plzzz Allah Ta’la kal Prof Hussain Mehdi ai he na

i m soooo tired of surgery ward but waiting for Friday to come for operation theater 🙂

and knw i m getting prone to a list of songs on that 20 mins drive n our (mahan) driver drives like he is driving an airplane 🙂 i dont know who has given him the license to drive……………

cant he drive like the scooby doo drives 😛 😀

and when i come from university (lo je aesa bhe hota hai kya) i m almost tired……………

n even more than that i m these days not even replying to my text msgs my friends are almost barking on me and last night i had forgotten where i had placed me cell phone n when i found i was having so many galiyon se bhare hue msgs form my colleagues n friends imagine

and its like my mom hates and scolds me when ever i sing songs and since morning i have been singing a single song for which i remeber the only two first lines .

long da lashkaa

re babytera jan se pyara re baby tera ……………

re baby tera ….. patyal ve

i have even fogotten the words of it 😛 nand since for 4 or 5 days i have been usng the words lo je aesa bhe hota hai kya

bye bye gotta go n will write a serious post sooo00000n love you all take care 🙂

1st day of 3rd yr & 1st day in OPD

I m a girl who doesn’t know how to check the thermometer 😦

donot laugh

i m not kidding at all 🙂

its truth so i m in OPD  & dont even know how to use the thermometer

( in my words thermometer to mujhe dekh kar he mujhse dur bhag jaiga )As i entered the OPD there were alot of house officers who himself dont knw what to do 😛

(donot met me again warna wo karunge k OPD ka mtlb bhe bhul jaoge :@)

they told us to visit the patient start taking hisory

1st day we donot know n they were teasing us (nanhe munne bachun ko sata rahe the )

we called the teacher who was absent and staffff urghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i soo hate u all

then a teacher appeared who guided us how to deal with a patient

n she told us to take the history

(imagine bechara patient jis ke main ne history le hoge aesa sub k dimag main khayal araha hoga par aesa hua nhe mujhe bhe ata hai ok)

before attending the patient i was saying my friend pllllzzzzzzz Allah ta’la aesa patient ho jis ko koi disease he na ho

& my friend said anum beta agar usse kch hoga nhe to wo us OPD main Q ayega

my 1st patient was having tuberculosis 9yrs before and was treated:)

but he was having fever since last 3 days due to some viral infection

n after returning from hospital i was almost praying for him that he might get well sooon 🙂

n going towards university our van driver crazy person who thinks that this is not his van but an airplane……………………… n here i end my post 🙂

n guess what the next day when i entered the OPd when the same patient was discharged 🙂