For happiness of U

for happiness of u

let this happen

i m happy for everyone

because everyother person is happy

for happiness of u

let this happen

i m going to go far away from u

that is what u always wanted

for happinesss of u

let this happen

u want to see me happy

even without u

for happiness of u

let this happen

me heart is somewhere

my breaths are taking me somewhere else

for happiness of u

let this happen

i m still there

w8ing for u there

for happiness of u

let this happen

my own destiny is lost

lost in between everything

for happiness of u

let this happen

i cannot write another story again

my all leading paths were always wrong

for happiness of u

let this happen

i m angry with myself

i m displeased with mu self

for happiness of u

let this happen

what was my fault in between

that i had to live without u

for happiness of u

let this happen

how cruel are u

giving me such a big punishment

for happiness of u

let this happen

blah! blah! blah!

it looks like i have forgotten alll

but srsly it is not ike that

but i m surronded  by so many creepy peoples around me ……………. which freaks me out like helll……… urrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh

n guesss what i m having my third years midterm from 7th june n still didnt had my 2nd yrs result

urrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh so i hate this creeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepy karachi university helllllllllllll koi shedule he nhe hai ye kiya bt hote hai ;(

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee………………… this is a mad caow like many other mad people n what i do with them is ***** tongues out*****

n more to this post i dislike a friend of mt own she is hell creepy but i cannot do anything………… anyways **** tongues out***** GET Lost

and guess what another creepy things theses days whenever i use much of my laptop or watch tv or either txt msgs or study my books my eye burns like helllllllllllll i dunt knw why 😦

i love a song but i dunt knw y this is not getting uploaded from the movie GAME

main ne ye kb socha tha hoga yun kbhe

jo tm yun mile

dil jitna khush hai utna harain bhe

i m for u

i m falling in love with u

khaubon ka hai ye jahan

nazron ke dhoop hai

chand sa roop hai

tum ho jahan main hun wahan

dil se jo dil mila

mujhe sahil mila

hum jo mil gaye

to phr yun hua

k hai nikhri hur dur tk ye fiza

hum jo mil gaye

to phr yun hua

k hai mehke hue

gungunate hawa

yuhe rahe kash ab ye sama


i m for u

i m falling in love with u

enough of this blah blah

plz everyone pray for my parents that they get well soon 🙂 plzzzzzzzzzzz aur mere result ke bhe 🙂

bye bye good night tc

Fade Away

With every year passing

let this year passed away

An year of warrant

An year of insanity

With every month passing

let this month fade away

A month of regret

A month of restlessness

With every day passing

let this day fade away

A day of scarsm

A day of Bluntnesss

With every hour passing

let this hour fade away

An hour of astonishment

An hour of grief

With every minute passing

Let this minute fade away

A minut of mistake

A minute of guilt

With every second passing

let this second fade away

A second of frustrations

A second of angerness

With every moment passing

let this moment fade away

A moment to praise

A moment to honour

With every life passing

let this life fade  away

A life of being agreeable

A life of dis couragement

Let this life fade away

Let this life fade awaay


Ek chote se baat ka bhe afsana bana

ek chote se bt ka bhe tamasha bana

ye zindagi ke hain uljhanen

jo har apna paraya bana


ek rat the the andhere ae ghire hue

ek rat the khamoshe se bhair hue

ye zindagi ke hain uljhanen

jo har galte ek  saza hue


koi khafa hua hum se kuch is tarah

koi naraz hua hum se kuch is tarah

ye zndagi ke hain uljhanen

jo har bar hum phr manate rahe


kch khamoshi ke dastan hue

kch chahton k khuwab likhe

ye zindagi ke hain uljhanen

jo har kahani apna ekhtatm par phunche


kch Qasmain tore gayen

kch wade tore gaye

ye zinadgi ke hain uljhanen

jo wo wade kbhe intezar main toot kar na bane


kch sanhe ankhun ko naam kar gaye

kch waqye dil ko gham kar gaye

ye zindagi ke hain uljhanen

jo har pal muskarate rahe


kch khuwab bikhre hue

kch khuwab tute hue

ye zindagi ke hain uljhanen

jo har rat hum jag kar sogaye


jo kbhe na khul kar ro sake

jo kbhe na khul kar hans sake

ye zindagi ke hain uljhanne

jo har khushi manate rahe


ye zindagi ek naimait hai

aur mout barhaq hai

ye zindagi ke hain uljhanen

ye zindage ke hain uljhanen


n here is the english version

A little part of chat resulted in a fiction

A little part of chat resulted in a spectacle

they are life’s intricacies

that every relation started becoming into stange


A night surrounded by intense darkness

A night surrounded by intense silence

they are life’s intricacies

that every mistake become a punishment


some one got displeased that way

some one got angry that way

they are life’s intricacies

n so still pleasing by any means


certain stories of intense silence

certain delusions of being beloved

they are life’s intricacies

that every tale reached its conclusions


some oaths were broken

some promises were broken

they are life’s intricacies

those promises were never formed anyways


some incidents left tears in eyes

some events left miseries in heart

they are life’s intricacies

still remains a smiling face


some dreams ere shattered

some dreams were lost

they are life’s intricacies

instead slept every night


Rarely was able to smile freely

rarely was able to cry freely

they are life’s intricacies

still bewildering celebrating every occacsion


this life is a blessing

and death is a definite ending

they are life’s intricacies


to a better note lets hear this song n another song 🙂

n the amazing thing is that it should be anum instead of aisha in this song 😛 😀 🙂

Princess fairy tale

I m actually my fathers princes…….. he has always treated me as a princesss n so do i love him more than this life.

there is a song which i like most of the time n soo my momm sooo hate this song n says ” begar raha hai ye tm jesi  bigrewe hue Qum ko”

so i really dunt care jis ko jo sochna hai soch

urrrgggghhhhhh what is happening to meeee i m getting a typical girl  :@ two days back i have been listening to this song n thinking about Y girls are so possesive of getting married ?????????

actually i m from a memon family where girls get married as they pass their matriculation ( scratches my head) n sooo i m a dr………..

(tongues out) as if i do care

whatever back to the story part it is basically not my story but is apart of someone else

there is r girl of my age who use to think that one day a handsome person will come on white horse n will going to take her to the other part of the world

but eventually it wasnot like the way she had  thought of  he used to talk someone a a friend, guider, helper, someone to understand, someone to care for but nevertheless while talking she fell in love with him but that person used to love someone else n never treated her like that way he has always taken her as her friend but it was a silent love who was getting silent pain slowly n gardually

and she never told that person about her feelings but readily she develops an uncurable disease she never told him about her feelings after that disease even but inside she was dying n used to love him like anything in this world n used to talk to him everyday

but a third friend created a little misunderstanding in between them and the girl lost her friend, love n guide  n someone to console her

whi is wrong in between everything the girl who lost everything? that person is still happy with someone else n never ever even tried to ask her how she is even that person never ever tried to find out the reality in all misunderstanding

n to let u knw what the girls mother died a year back n she herself is a diagnose patient of cancer 😦

to share all this i really donot mean to tell the story but all i want to tell is that how lucky we are that Allah ta’la has given us such a life govern n guide by parents with alot many friends to care for u……… but stilllllll

after all this i really had understand the meaning of this life given to me…….

but inside i m feeling miserable that i cannot do anything for her ;(

but i have promised myself to give her all the happiness she deserves in this life

urrrrrrrrggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh but ziada serious kr dya main ne is ko par i really want to do something…… anyhow……….

i m soo blessed to have my parents n meri fairy tale main srf mere parents hain jin se ziada mujhe koi azeez nhe aur jisse mere sath rehna hai usse mere parents ko bhe izzat dene hoge warna just go to hellllll

because all the males need  a female as thier better half u dont need u at all 🙂

so on a better note who ever want to have me in his life make your attitude alittle lesss 😀

n i love this song 🙂

to u !!!!!

the least think i want to tell u is

“i myself know that u can never be mine…… but u r always mine n i really dont want to lose u that way u were always there as my hope the moment when i feel alone, my anxiety which always relieves my doubt, my certainty during my unusual periods of faith and hinders me that someone is still with me who is worried for me who misses me when i m not there who is always beside me to guide me but…………… i knew that even before that v r just friend and willl always be friend if i m far apart………………….


fantasized world

I had myself created a world of fantasy around me………………..  s got so much

i dont knw what but i really want to see alot more things to alot more people

but i knw there is niether anybody who has got much tym to listen me nor does anybody is intrested in listening to me

so to some of the people who are randomly asking so many Questions but i m really  not in  a mood to answer there querries i already had a lot more of mine even………………………

coming to the topic i myself thinks that i lives in a free world but i m bounded by my four side to different allocations………………………..

i really want to include so many people on this post

To my dear parents :

my father is really freaking out at me these days because i m getting more aggressive these days………. i dont knw y he thinks so but i m not ………… n i dont even knw

my mother who is more worried for me because i myself dont talk much even these days i make my self busy in my some other works to keep myself busy n intact…………… i dunt knw why????????????

once i used to be free like a butterfly to spread the smile n colours…………… i m still the same……………

To all my frined :

i dunt knw why they are thinking sooo that i m not where i m……………. my friend Faiqa who is best friend in everyone’s eyes but she is not…………… but i m not saying u that u r wrong n it is not like i m avoiding or i m not listening to u but i reallly want some space of my own………….. i knw i m getting very harsh very aggressive but………….. i m really sorrrryyy

To u the person who no more exist in my life:

u………….  urself had made me to rely on u………….. to believe u………………. n made me feel ur existence everywhere around me……………… but knw u no more exists…………. the words u have spoken to me i dunt wether they were actually for me or to shrug me offff i really dunt knw………….. but i m hurt n i m soo hurt

to all the people who are tagged here are requested to leave me the way i m 

ohhhh yad aya  Miss Anum munaf plz bring that fake smile on your face again because there are so many people who wants to see u smiling

To wasif bhai i m soo naraz with u ek to ap ne apne doll se chupaya that u r having pain n aona khayal bhe nhe rakha ;(

oh!!!!!!!!!!!! shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kal to monday hai DR Abdullah wo to kal meri jan le lenge Allah Ta’la plzzzz  wo na ayen

n i forgot to tell u something yesterday i had a call from my elder brother n iw as hell shivering pata nhe QQQQ?  but i was soo hapy that he had called me for the first time……………

n i got a new friend her name is aisha she is so sweet n pllll Allah Ta’la un ke sare pareshian khtm kr dennnn plzzzzz plzzzzzzz

n plzzzzzzzzzz  Allah ta’la meri frined Zaini ke smile wapus ajaye n make her happy than anyother person in this world 🙂

n what else i m  forgetting to tell u

aur plllzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Allah Ta’la wasif bhai ko jaldi se thekk kar den 🙂

n today in the carnival n rida ke friend ke engagement  we had soo much fun aur last but not the least song of the day

dunt laugh at me


n in the carnival ther was a person who can burn the match stick with a stick n match box in his single hand …………..  n my sister did it 😛 anyways it was so damn easy 😀

urghhhh n guess what pore post likhne k bd i get to knw k internet dc hogaya hai :@ i hate this wireless broadband

n lastly i anum munaf the pagal mad girls song of the day


As this was the moment

as he had to go back

for not knowing a reason

i still sat in that position

in which u had left me

when u didnt came back

i m so alone n deserted

But, when i thought of the time

and the moments, we shared

A feeling crept over me

That i wasnt alone here

As, A part from my family

I had someone in life

someone who consoles me

When ever i cried,

listen to me in my bad times

But, that someone has left me

in the darkness of life


No one can hear my cry

no one can see my tears

As i m walking in the rain

i am avoiding being noticed

no one can discriminate me

when i look back

i see my shadow that is full of ecatasy

when i look at myself , is my present

which is so insignificant

and when i look ahead

i see my future which is lost