pehle jesa

pehle jesa kch bhe na raha

na tm, na main, aur na ye wkt,

sb ek adhura khoob sa rah gaya

sub ek andhere chaon sa rah gaya

pehle jesa khc bhe na raha,

na tm, na main aur na ye wkt,

na ye rat ke chandani wase hai,

na ye suraj ke roshni.

pehle jaisa kch bhe na raha,

na tm, na main aur na ye wakt

khamoshi ke zuban rahe,

aunson main ankhen rahe.

pehle jaisa kch bhe na raha,

na tm, na main aur na ye wkt,

bht smjhaya khd ko,

bht manaya khd ko.

 pehle jaisa kch bhe na raha,

na tm, na main aur na ye wkt ,

pus pehle jaisa kch bhe na raha


Dont Come And Go,

Like all others…

Either Stay Forever,

Or Leave Forever..

The Least Thing I Know,

I Will Never Be Back..

But After This Last Fiasco

It Will Never Be The Same.

It Is Time For Us To Part.

It Hasn’t Stood The Test Of Time

It Has Become Quite Jaded.

And Right Now That’s All That Matters.

Some lines from past

I wonder… If he still loves me?

or in some days i would be only past for him

I wonder… IF he still misses me?

Or he is got busy with his own life?

I wonder… If still i m the one he’s dreaming of?

or new fantasies has been set up by him?

I wonder… If still he thinks of me before closing his eyes to get sleep?

Or i m worth something that can be replaced?

I wonder… If still i have his heart to help me survive?

or the one beating in me is just a small piece of it bearing all the love for him?

I keep and keep wondering…  But i get no answer…

I wonder… If still his curiosity of solving me is same?

Or i exist no more in this big big world of his?


Tired of being called careless every time

I’m here in this life to be valued.

Accept me as i m, Don’t change me please.

I too won’t demand any changes in u.

Broken, hurt, afraid and lost,

I dunt need more words to define what is true;

Love me or hate me but please dunt leave me ;

I’ll n always forever will admire u.

I don’t want things to get messed up,

nor i want them to be same as they are.

It’s difficult to cross all the hurdles;

n so i dunt want to be considered wrong again

Please accept me as I’m don’t change me please………….